2019 Guest Facilitators



Therapeutic Counsellor , Coach and Sphere Guide

Founder of Architect Your Life, Beth Hall is surgical in her ability to help clients reframe life’s challenges into opportunities. She has a linear, logical and creative mind, crossed with a deeply open and compassionate heart. She helps founders, creatives - and everyday folks going after big dreams - get laser focused on what matters most to them in life, business, and the impact they bring to the world. In addition to being a therapeutic counsellor and coach, Beth has worked in tech startups, is a fine art photographer and painter, and has a long standing love of science, with a degree in physiology from McGill.



Career coach, Love Your Mondays and Sphere Guide

Makenzie is a career coach who helps people and companies get happy at work. She has a Masters in Forensic Psychology, is a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner and has 10+ years of business experience developing creative, supported, and efficient workplace cultures. People have described her as a teddy bear in a Harley jacket; caring, direct and protective she will push you to make sure you are achieving your career goals. She advocates for diversity, purpose-led projects, and safe work environments. Makenzie firmly believes the world would be a better place if everyone was in a fulfilling career and loved Mondays.



Life and Leadership Coach and Sphere Guide

As a certified life and leadership coach, Jen works with people who are searching for the courage and support to lead a connected and fulfilled life. With her professional experience and personal journey, she is uniquely equipped to understand and guide you in many areas of your life with deep compassion, powerful accountability and a great sense of humour. When she isn’t coaching, you’ll find her traveling the world, playing in Whole Foods or being active in a variety of ways.