Facing the Unknown: Running a business in the wake of personal trauma

Facing the Unknown: Running a business in the wake of personal trauma

With Anastasia Chomlack and Robyn Savage

Join us on Monday , June 25 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Fuel + Forest Cafe or an informal discussion of embracing your business in the wake of personal adversity. Learn how two women picked themselves up after a devastating diagnosis and life-changing tragedy, how they've moved forward to living a life of generosity and helping others rise.

What we'll cover: 

  • The importance of having a tribe of people around you 

  • How to live generously and strategically within business

  • How to stay in a place of re-invention as life happens 

  • How to allow yourself to take a step back - and look at what that really means for your business 

  • How systems and automations allow your business to function without you

  • How to sink into deep trust knowing you'll return to your business with new opportunities and perspective


Anastasia Chomlack

A master of shadow and light, Anastasia Chomlack has built up her lifestyle and photography business over the past 13 years despite economic uncertainty and her own struggle with illness. She attributes her own success to embracing what is, even when it’s not at all what you wanted or expected: “adversity helps us make necessary improvements both personally and professionally. It helps us see things clearly and make choices based on what feels genuine, not just what we’re willing to put up with for the moment.”

Battling cancer while running a business taught Anastasia that it all belongs, that failure and misfortune can share shelf space with success without casting shadows. Now, she is passionate about sharing her experiences with vulnerability and acceptance in business with participants in her Women’s Series photography sessions and with other small business owners through her speaking engagements.


Robyn Savage

At a young age, Robyn lost her mother to suicide which shaped the way she saw the world. As a result of her tragic loss, she set out on a mission to live life as wildly and free as she possibly could. She set out on a spiritual adventure to find joy in everything, even the darkness of grief, doubt, abandonment, and fear. If she could hit rock bottom and find the light in order to create a life she loved, surely every woman was capable of doing the same.

Robyn Savage is the founder of GirlTribe, a global platform designed to help women take ownership of their physical and personal health. Inspired by her own personal tragedy, Robyn has helped inspire and empower thousands of women worldwide through mentorship, education and collaboration.

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