We are delighted to have you join us as a speaker at Re/Form 2018, where like-minded writers, influencers, bloggers, marketers, designers and brands gather to push even further.

During the conference you will be given exposure to other business managers, leaders, freelancers and small business owners within the creative industry and also be given the ability to connect with other speakers. Below, we’ve included key pieces of information to help you make the most out of your presentation as well as help promote the event as part of the Re/Form marketing strategy.  

Date + Location:

Re/Form takes place on Thursday, March 21  and Friday, March 22  in Squamish, B.C. at the Cheakamus Centre located at 1600 Paradise Valley Road.


Explain your points through personal stories to create an emotional connection with the audience. We love when presenters can speak with passion and genuine feelings without self-promoting. We find the best speakers connect at a human level with the audience.


We will send your panel questions by March 5, 2019 so that you can prepare your thoughts in advance.

Subject Matter:

Speak to the audience in an accessible way by focusing on delivering the talk with clarity, passion and humour. For real life examples, use success and failure scenarios and for case studies you can promote your brand but do not push your brand. 

Please read and sign on this document, as these terms and conditions will make up the contractual agreement leading into the conference.

Terms + Conditions:

  • Filming + Photography. The speaker agrees to allow Re/Form the right to use your name, biography and topic information for the 2018 conference and for promoting future events. This includes publishing video and photography that will be produced at the Conference. 

  • Pre-Event Engagement. Speakers will promote Re/Form via their social channels 

  • Promotion. Speakers will promote the event through their social media channels. Examples include: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, a speaker promo code will be given to you to distribute to your e-mail list.

  • Compensation. We provide a conference ticket and your meals during the 2-day event. All speakers will receive a special gift

I agree to the above speaker details related to the 2019 Re/Form conference.

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